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Why Holy Family?

Holy Family University’s online ABSN program is a great way to change careers quickly. In only 14 months, you graduate ready to write the NCLEX-RN exam and become a registered nurse. If you’ve already earned a Bachelor’s degree (in any field), why spend another four years studying? The Second Degree Distance Hybrid BSN program combines engaging, interactive online learning modules with hands-on experience through an on-campus residency and clinical placements.

Holy Family provides a mission-driven nursing education rooted in Judeo-Christian tradition and values. The University welcomes staff, faculty, and students of all backgrounds to create a diverse but interconnected community of education. As an institution, we are guided by our Mission Core Values of:

  • Family
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Service & Responsibility
  • Learning
  • Vision

Holy Family University

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Feel confident investing in your future with a fast, cost-effective and quality program. At $857 per credit hour, Holy Family University gives more flexibility to your finances and schedule than local competitors. 

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  Holy Family University

Misericordia University

York College of Pennsylvania





$48,000 - $52,000*






14 months

16 months

17 months

Based on publicly available information that is subject to change (updated August 2023).

*Includes fees

NUFT 204 - Foundations of Nursing Practice

This course is designed to introduce students to fundamental concepts in nursing care. The nursing process is used as the framework for clinical reasoning. Emphasis is placed on developing basic skills needed to assess, plan, implement, and evaluate selected nursing interventions and technologies. Students gain competency through practice in a supportive and supervised environment in a nursing laboratory. (5 credits)

NUFT 341 - Medical-Surgical Nursing

This course provides the students with an immersion into professional nursing. Health assessment and illness prevention are presented through a concept-based framework. Students are introduced to the nursing care of individuals experiencing selected health alterations with concurrent clinical experiences. (7 credits)

NUFT 345 - Nursing and Older Adult Health Promotion

In this course, the physiological, psychosocial, cultural, spiritual, and environmental changes experienced by older individuals and their families are examined. Theories of aging, healthy aging, restorative care, and supportive interventions to promote and maintain wellness in older adults are explored. Emphasis is placed on the nurse's role as coordinator of care for older adults and their families. The special advocacy issues of older clients and their families are also addressed. (2 credits)

NUFT 433 - Nursing Care of Children

The evidence-based nursing practice examines the promotion, maintenance, and restoration of health in infancy and childhood. Environmental influences on the child’s physical, social, and psychological health are explored. Legal, ethical, and cultural influences on healthcare in childhood are considered. Multidisciplinary relationships with the family at the center of care are discussed in the context of holistic, humanistic, and altruistic nursing practice. Concurrent clinical experiences provide opportunities to apply critical thinking. (4 credits)

NUFT 435 - Transition to Professional Role

This course provides the student with a review of the integration of nursing concepts. Students participate in an interactive application by utilizing exam questions and essential concept reviews. (1 credit)